Creating the Right Trade Show Experience

When you think of trade shows you attended, which ones were the most valuable and why? It might be because you were drawn into the booth by the attractive design, signage leading you to the booth, and/or advance publicity. Part of that positive experience may include the personnel manning the booth who engaged you while you were there. You probably remember the booth because of the follow up after the show. On the other… Read more »

How to Achieve Results with Landing Pages

For business success, we know that a website needs to be uniquely branded. We easily recognize brands and some of those elements. Not as well-known are two website elements; the difference between home pages and landing pages. What is the difference? And why is it important to have effective home and landing pages? Before we answer that question, let’s define what they are.

Home Page

A home page is what viewers see when they first… Read more »

Measuring the Value of Your Company’s Branding

Pretend you’re the CMO of “Big Company X” and over the last several weeks you and your marketing team have worked overtime to prepare the marketing plan and strategy for the next fiscal year. Then the day comes for you to present your plan to your fellow C-suite executives. You pour over the details of the marketing plan with enthusiasm, communicating what you think is the need for marketing dollars to be spent in this… Read more »

Creating a Marketing Plan

No business owner ever decided one day, without any forethought or planning to open their business in hopes that it would succeed. Or if they did, the likelihood of its success would be very slim. Business owners know that it takes months, sometimes years of planning before opening a business. Key to your business success revolves around one word, marketing, and how this breaks down into setting marketing goals and communications strategies, a marketing budget… Read more »

Why Businesses Need Strong Logos as a Piece of Their Marketing Strategies

As a small business owner, whether you’re an expert marketer or someone who dabbles in it, you know the importance of appropriately branding and marketing your business. The branding and marketing mix includes the subject of this blog (logo design), along with what we have covered in previous blogs; website branding, having your brand consistently represented on social media, and branding that goes beyond your logo. To zero in on… Read more »

How Graphics Contribute to Your Brand Visibility

Best-selling, branding and marketing expert, and author, Martin Lindstrom, once communicated the importance of having a smashable brand. This term dates back to 1915 when the Coca-Cola Company asked designers to design a bottle that consumers would still recognize even if you threw it on the ground and broke it into many pieces. Equipped with the proper graphics, this bottle is still a signature item promoting their brand today. Graphics play a huge part in… Read more »

Website Branding: First Impressions Count

In a business or personal setting, we all strive to make good first impressions. This is followed by lasting ones that we hope will develop into long-term business or personal relationships.A recent study indicated that it takes only one-tenth of a second to form first impressions about a person. Websites are perhaps judged even more quickly. To immediately catch the eyes of someone browsing your website, Serff Creative Group recommends the following:

Branding, Graphics… Read more »

Creating and Maintaining Brand Consistency on Social Media

At some point, we’ve probably all seen one or more variations of the marketing pie-chart. It is a perfectly rounded image with your customer at the center. Representing various pieces of the pie are the marketing channels with social media being one of them. This pie-chart image is designed to convey brand consistency across all channels. This insures that your customers will have a similar brand experience regardless of the channel that reaches him or her. The social… Read more »

Workshop: Branding Your Business Through Content Marketing

Join Us May 18, 2017 from 9:30 am – 12:45 pm

  A NEW workshop series to help grow your business from AME and Serff Creative Group, Inc. Join us for a morning workshop to help you understand and develop your content marketing plan for YOUR business. You will examine the many aspects of how brand consistency, multichannel marketing, and strategic planning in your business will help increase the success of your… Read more »

Branding Goes Beyond Your Logo

What helps the general public identify the distinctive products or services of a company? A logo can help establish the initial impression of what catches a customer’s eyes. Yet, it’s not just a logo or about your company’s identity. Your brand must convey the true nature of who you are through many aspects of the company by your brand awareness. Branding is what people think of first that sticks in their mind, of what your… Read more »