Brochure Design

For many companies, there is nothing more vital to sales success than strong leave-behind collateral.

A well-designed brochure (or folder with sell sheets) builds brand recognition and provides summarized information needed to make the sale.

Serff Creative Group has the expertise needed to design pages that will display your products or services and your brand in the best light. We can also advise you on different brochure formats, paper selection, die cuts and printing. In fact, we can help you contract for commercial photography, bid your project to a quality printer, and complete press checks to ensure that the finished project meets all expectations.

In every brochure design project, we collaborate with the client to produce sales collateral that enhances the efforts of their sales force. By integrating images, text and white space in designs that please the eye and the mind, Serff Creative Group creates quality brochures that you can be proud of.

Brochure Design Samples

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