Why Businesses Need Strong Logos as a Piece of Their Marketing Strategies

As a small business owner, whether you’re an expert marketer or someone who dabbles in it, you know the importance of appropriately branding and marketing your business. The branding and marketing mix includes the subject of this blog (logo design), along with what we have covered in previous blogs; website branding, having your brand consistently represented on social media, and branding that goes beyond your logo. To zero in on logo design, there are several elements that often come into play.

Simplicity is Key

What is a logo? Simply stated, it’s the graphic and visual identifier for your brand. A logo is like a key that opens the door to a big, beautiful home. A thoughtfully designed logo will open-up customers to your business. A poorly designed logo will keep customers out. Simplicity is key to a properly designed logo. Case in point, if I were to flash in front of you several logos; the Apple logo, the Nike logo, or the “f” from Facebook, instantly you’d identify them with the company brands. These well-known brands understand the importance of creative simplicity and you should, too.

Make it Unique and Easy to Interpret

Giant brands, such as the ones mentioned above, have the luxury of large advertising budgets, marketing teams, and focus groups for logo selection. While small businesses don’t have this luxury, they have at their fingertips graphic designers that can easily be found on the web and marketing agencies that cater to small businesses. Even if you don’t have the financial resources to outsource your logo design and prefer to do it yourself, Serff Creative recommends that you have a focus group review final choices once they are complete. Focus groups can be as simple as a few friends and colleagues who understand marketing and design who will give you constructive input on your logo design ideas.

Graphics and Typography Matter

Graphics is the art and design of your logo. Typography is a subset of graphics and is generally associated with the font that is part of your logo. When choosing typography, be careful that it mirrors your brand qualities. For example, iconic, vintage brands like Harley-Davidson have chosen fonts and typography that are vintage and rugged because it matches their brand qualities. Their style of fonts and typography may not be appropriate for your brand.

Compelling Logos

The above is a summary of the thought process that should go into logo design. While it’s not comprehensive, it’s important to understand that logo design is an integral part of your brand as it relates to promoting the products and services of your company. The logo needs to be uniquely designed to include colors and design concepts in a way that is identifiable to your brand qualities. The end goal is to have a logo that has a long-lasting impression on your customers.

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