Website Branding: First Impressions Count

In a business or personal setting, we all strive to make good first impressions. This is followed by lasting ones that we hope will develop into long-term business or personal relationships.A recent study indicated that it takes only one-tenth of a second to form first impressions about a person. Websites are perhaps judged even more quickly. To immediately catch the eyes of someone browsing your website, Serff Creative Group recommends the following:

Branding, Graphics and Website Organization

As mentioned in a previous blog, branding is the holistic approach you take to connect individuals to your company. It can be your physical brick-and-mortar or virtual storefront, the customer service people receive when they interact with your brand, social media sites and other customer-facing contact. Have you ever visited a business in-person and found that the customer service is bad, their brick and mortar location is disorganized, dirty, dull or dingy? If a website is poorly done, it can communicate the same sloppy message. To avoid this make sure your website is well designed, with vivid graphics and is easily navigable.

Longing for More

When you meet a prospective customer at a social event and they ask “So what do you do?”, you should be prepared to give them a brief 30-second statement about your businesses or brand. This should be designed to get the customer to say, “Tell me more.” The same holds true for websites. In addition to the basic “contact us” tab on your website, include customer testimonials, blogs, case studies or special offers. Even better; provide guests on your website the opportunity to engage with your brand on social media. (See this blog on creating and maintaining brand consistency on social media.)

Getting Started or Starting Over

If after reading this, you may feel compelled to start, overhaul, rebrand or just tweak your website, but are overwhelmed with the time or talent commitment it will take to complete this task, don’t be. If you are starting over and want to design a website yourself, web design companies such as WordPress or GoDaddy are very user friendly. If, however, you think you want a professional to design or redesign your website, Contact Us. We have all the tools necessary to make your brand stand out on the web and get results. Then you have the Internet presence to make a positive first impression.

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