5 Year End Marketing Tips to Start 2019 Off Right

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Fast forward a couple of months – it’s January 1, 2019 and you’re excited to start the new year for your business. Maybe you’re eager to build on the success you’ve had in 2018, or think you only need to tweak things ever so slightly, or you want to start over with a clean slate. To that end, here are five tips on how you can hit the ground running at the start of 2019.

1. Set marketing objectives that can be achieved

The tried and true acronym, SMART applies here. Are your marketing goals for the coming year Specific, Measurable, and do they have a realistic shot at being Achieved? Are they Relevant and bound by a Time frame? If you applied this SMART strategy last year, review what worked and what did not, then recalibrate, revive or remove them for your 2019 marketing plans.

2. Is your 2019 marketing plan finished?

Fall is a great time to complete a marketing plan. Doing so now gives you time to think it through, revise it as needed so that you’re not scrambling to put a plan together over the holidays or worse, head in to 2019 with no marketing plan.

3. Are your financials in order and what is your marketing ROI?

The key to all smart marketing efforts are the financials of your small business. Is your bookkeeping in good order? Does your pricing need to be revisited? What was the ROI from all segments of your 2018 marketing and do some need to be adjusted? Don’t stop at just looking at 2018 – go back five years and see what might be best to try in 2019, that may not have worked in 2004.

4. Review economic and trends in your industry

Start with the broad picture, then work your way down to the minutia of your business. Look at economic threats and opportunities from the economy at large, nationally, regionally and locally. Then, drill down on how they may affect your business. What are you going to do to shelter yourself from these threats and how should you exploit the opportunities?

5. Review the advice we’ve offered

Over the course of the last year, we’ve offered marketing advice on subjects such as content marketing, how to effectively utilize social media, develop your branding, how to create brand consistency. Along with directing the right trade show experience, how to generate more leads  from trade shows, measuring the value of your company’s branding and others that can be found our blog section at Serff Creative Group, Inc.

Lastly, we’d like to hear from you. Are there marketing trends we’ve made you aware of over the last year that you’d like us to dive deeper in to or are there ones that we have not covered that you think we ought to? We welcome your thoughts.

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