Tips for B2B Marketing Success in Today’s Economy

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Are you challenged for being seen online as an authority in the marketplace for your business?

With all of the different marketing channels for print and online advertising, it can difficulty to stay in front of prospects and clients in the B2B space for the digital economy.

Here are tips that can help gain that exposure for your business online:

Getting found online

Your website is critical for marketing online as it tells your story, showcases your products and services, and gives you the platform to speak about your expertise to the world. Stay up-to-date for connecting properly with your target audiences and elevating your brand effectively for greater impact.

Content development. Stay relevant with your customers and generating specific content that draws them to your brand. You may have your About page that tells viewers what you are all about, however you need to continually grow your resources to educate, create value to your audience, and help establish the proper engagement with them to increase your customer base.

Listening to your audience. Are you staying connected in the right channels to engage with your prospects? Start conversations to create relationships and turn them into customers – be strategic about it, as your competitors are doing the same. Building trust over time within community discussion groups, blog posts, and listening to your prospect’s needs and pain points. Being a good listener and answering them at the right time could turn them into future clients.

Are customers seeing you?

Social media. Online platforms have changed the way we access the world and stay relevant as a business. You must increase your brand awareness on social media platforms that are most relevant to your customers. Find where they are and get active on sharing content that is useful to them with comments and posting related content.

Paid advertising. Grow your base to gain more followers and connect with prospects globally. Paid ads help you reach those people not available by other marketing means. Use specific keywords, hashtags, and descriptions for the type of areas you want to be known for. Many platforms offer keyword search recommendations and target demographics that will assist you if you are unsure of how to target your ads.

Using existing content. With the ever changing digital space of the internet, new content is generated faster than we can create it for our own businesses. If you have been at this a while and have created strong resources as articles, videos, and blog posts consider reposting those resources after six months and expand the content so it feels new. Add videos, infographics, or a deeper understanding on the topic in Slideshare. Develop topics into an eBook or white paper, showing the your value to the world. This will help gain that brand exposure you need to build revenue.

Do your customers hear from you?

Building commitment. Once a prospect finds you from an ad or gets to your website, the process does not stop there for relationship building. You must offer ways for them to connect with you. Develop an email signup form so it’s easy for people to hear from you. Other areas you can offer a free eBook, a white paper of a downloadable resource. Plus, keep your social media icons in an easy location to find and connect with you on each platform.

Developing engagement for one-on-one conversations. Ultimately you want people to find you, connect with you, and start a conversation all online. In the digital world we must make it easy to start those conversations. Be present where you see your target customers, interact with them, and give them a reason to become a new customer through a great customer experience. Over time customers can be your biggest advocates and refer business to you utilizing the same online platforms we live for generating business.

Stay active online and focus on customers that you want to work with. Build the relationships and give them the best customer experience you can. Generate the brand awareness and leads you are after to grow your ROI. Go and embrace the digital landscape!

How do you continue to grow awareness to your prospects and clients? Here are some additional tips to connect with your customers for fruitful marketing:

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