Six Tips for Fruitful Marketing


Getting your brand out there is so important with all of the competition buyers are bombarded with these days! Are your current efforts increasing your business? See our six helpful tips that are essential to running a successful campaign.

  • Plan ahead — Make a 6-12 month marketing plan in advance. Look at the timing (what holidays or events could you utilize?), frequency, and ways to overlap your campaigns.
  • Know your customers — Focus not only on demographics, but also how they communicate. Do they prefer to go to the mailbox, open their laptop, or tweet and like your offers?
  • Targeted messaging — Your company is sending out more than communication – you are sending a message. Create custom campaigns to tailor your messages according to your customers profiles, interests and actions. Consider sending different campaigns to different segments of your customer base when appropriate.
  • Walk in their shoes — Consider the entire user experience before you launch a campaign. From email to website to social media, are your customers having a consistent user experience? If they are, your campaigns stand above 98% of others. This will increase the awareness of your brand and the connection your customers feel in relationship with your brand.
  • Monitor success — Track the results of your campaign. Treat them as a reference point for future marketing campaigns. Re-purpose the successful parts of the campaign, and learn from the aspects that could use some improvement.
  • Be in the know! — Surround yourself with people who are doing it right. It’s amazing what we can learn over coffee, in a class or during a seminar. Our industry is constantly creating bigger and better ways to reach the buyer. Be sure to always be improving yourself!
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