Your Brand in Today’s Marketplace

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Are you staying ahead of your competition with a strong company brand?

Whether you are a new company, just getting established, or have been around for decades, you realize the market has changed in many aspects.

You’ve created print collateral, developed email and direct-mail campaigns … and now established yourself in social media. Growing your brand is an ongoing process. But are your branding efforts effective? Are they helping your bottom line?

First of all, if you want your brand to grow, think of the bigger picture.

Focus on your company’s vision and personality. In today’s marketing environment this is rarely done in person; in fact, you rely less and less on visuals in print and online materials. With social media audiences, your success depends heavily on words.

In other words, the changing marketplace forces you to plan – and you should concentrate on three areas: focus, message, and the creative visuals of your brand.

  • Your focus. Target the appropriate audiences by the medium you are utilizing with the technology of today. Customize multiple campaigns as emails with specific offers. Educate your customers in social-media venues. Use variable data in both the message and visuals in print media such as direct mail.
  • The message. Get directly connected with your customers by how you communicate with them. Spark an emotional response with compelling copy – encourage them to call or buy your product or service. Be personable. Help them feel connected and see the value you offer.
  • The visuals. If you want your brand to stand out, it’s critical that visuals complement your message. The colors you use, the font treatments, and the imagery play a large part in strengthening your brand. Photography and illustration set the tone for your personality of your brand.

These components work together to build brand awareness – to tell the world who you are. Communicating well takes focus and strategic thought; the rewards come in the form of increased awareness and, hopefully, increased revenues and profits.

One final thought: Brand consistency needs to be a priority. In today’s market your company must bolster its brand in a variety of media. That demands extremely consistent messaging – in your tone, overall focus, and in the creative approach of your visual design and layout.

In short, your brand must be strong, whether your customer views you in print, on the web, or via blogs and other social media.

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