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You have developed a great brand and now you need to make it unforgettable. There are many low-cost marketing strategies that you can implement to help everyone recognize your brand. Plaster it all over – on social media, in marketing campaigns, on collateral, and even the shirt you wear.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to create a memorable impact.

  • Get out there!
    Find out where your audience is and get in front of them. Here’s where the power of strong brand identity does the work for you; by helping people connect your face with your company and the material you are giving them – brochures, business cards, a professional shirt with embroidered logo, a take-away featuring company branding. Offer an entry for a prize in exchange for their email address. Invite highly interested prospects to a specified VIP event. Engage them, give them an additional opportunity to continue the conversation at a later date and leave a lasting impression.
  • Short and Sweet
    Do your prospects understand what your company does and know what you’re about at a quick glance? Whether you have sent an email or postcard direct, your messaging should be short, sweet, and to the point. Make sure you are adding a call to action by including your website, email address,  and contact information.
  • Who’s looking for you?
    Effective SEO optimization and analytics can open your eyes significantly when it comes to reaching prospects on the web. They are masters in looking for different types of prospects and will show you how to take every opportunity to engage them.
  • Utilize technology
    Email programs like MailChimp and Constant Contact include detailed information on who opened, what time of day, how many times, and if they forwarded to a friend. After you see the results of your campaigns, look closely at any engaged prospects and follow up. A personal touch may be what they need to get their questions answered and begin a conversation where possibilities are endless!
  • Multi-touch Campaigns
    Multi-channel marketing is an effective way to gain awareness. Through a planned campaign get your brand or product on your prospect’s radar. Do this through email, direct mail, social media and phone calls. Rotate your touches so it is not the same way of communication each month.


Serff Creative Group worked with Colorado FireBreak to build their brand and get the word out about their revolutionary product to prevent forest fires from spreading to mountain homes.

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