The Value of Multichannel Marketing


Multichannel Marketing in a Nutshell

In the maze of marketing terms and channels, it is easy to get lost in the many possible options to appropriately and strategically market your brand. Yet actionable steps are necessary to effectively do so, and in this case, using the available multiple marketing channels. In this brief article, we’ll look at what multichannel marketing is, a good example of it, and how to implement it.

What is Multichannel Marketing?

Multichannel marketing is simply cohesively utilizing several channels to get and keep the attention of your customer. A channel is defined as the method used to reach your customer. Examples of a channel can be the physical location of your business, print advertising, a website and social media efforts along with TV, radio and other digital channels.

An Example of Multichannel Marketing

Medical Group Management Association® ( MGMA® ) is a good example of a robust mix of B2B and B2C branding that has good a multichannel marketing strategy in place. On their Twitter page they post regular and relevant content that is helpful to their members or prospective members. If you click on the web link on their tweets, this will take you to their website. On their website, they offer relevant information about their purpose and brand with their many resources they offer to members and prospects. Members receive email and print marketing materials with valuable information that increases their knowledge in practice management. This includes links to their website and social media with contact information for easy access to connect with the association.

Actionable Steps to Take

The above all sounds well and good, however before launching into multichannel marketing, the following steps are recommended:

  • Define your brand: What need or want do you fulfill for your customers? Who is your intended audience? Who is your actual audience? What are the best channels to market to them?
  • Make sure your brand is cohesively represented on all channels with your logo and brand identity. (Click here for helpful tips on logos and brand identity.)
  • Post content on social channels that is consistent, regular, and meaningful to your customers.
  • Don’t overwhelm your customers by marketing to them too much and let them interact with you on the channels of their preference.

Results Count

And not least, it’s very important to regularly look at the results of your marketing efforts. If one channel is more effective at reaching your customer, make it a priority and enhance it AND be sure not to neglect the other channels.

Still Confused and Overwhelmed?

The intent of this blog is to review the basics of what multichannel marketing is and an overview of how to implement it. It’s understandable though to still be overwhelmed with the implementation because other business priorities get in the way and are important as well. This is why Serff Creative Group exists — to help you with your marketing needs.

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