5 Tips to Improve Your Brand!

  • Starting right now, make extraordinary customer service a priority Branding is also about how people feel when they deal with you. Take good care and treat every customer as you would wish to be treated. They will remember and tell their friends!

  • From direct mail to pop-outs Your customers will hold, look and connect with your brand through postcards, brochures. If you really want to wow them, a unique pop-out mailer will be sure to make an impression.
  • Talking it up on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In  Choose your messaging and when to send it out in a strategic campaign. Know the audience you are speaking to and  audience and keep your posts brief. Engage as people comment and like. In replying to their comments, you will further boost your visibility online. Use a social media scheduling service like hootsuite.com so as to not bombard your audience.
  • Website  Make sure the messaging on your website reflects your company’s vision and values. Adding customer’s testimonies will increase the emotional connection for the reader. Using an SEO company can drastically increase your searchability, which in turn leads to more visibility for your brand.
  • Email  Create campaigns for different segments of your customer base. Make it short and sweet, driving them back to your website for more information and targeted to that audience. Keep the messaging consistent from email to website.

What’s your challenge?

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