10-Point Assessment for Building a Brand for Your Company

Time to Evaluate Your Business?

Where do you feel you stand in the marketplace as a viable brand with the services and products you offer? Do your customers understand and see value of working with your company? Your branding should reflect your vision and passion of your company.

If your business is doing well, have you seen areas where you could improve your efforts in your brand awareness to attract more business?

A periodic review of your business branding is key to its success. To help your brand get or maintain focus, here is a 10-point assessment to help your brand stand the test of time.

  1. Concept: What is your business and what niche does it serve?
  2. Vision: Who are you as a company and what are you striving to become? Do you have a definite direction of where you are going?
  3. Values: What core principles does your brand stand for?
  4. Expression: What characterizes the way you sell and provide your services to the market?
  5. Differentiation: How is your brand unique? What makes you stand out from other companies? Is it the customer service you provide? Or is it the way you offer your services and the impact your services create for your customer?
  6. Promise: What needs, desires and hopes does your brand give to create satisfaction for your customers?
  7. Solution: What issues does your brand solve? How can you make a difference in other company and individual’s lives?
  8. Benefit: What are your core strengths and advantages that you offer to prospective and current clients?
  9. Position: How is your brand compared to your competitor’s brand perceived in the marketplace? Are you in the shadows or standing out from the competition?
  10. Motivation: What compels people to purchase and use your brand’s products and services?


When you consider all of the above ask yourself if you are in line with a strong brand or are you making assumptions in hopes of hitting the mark?

To understand how your brand is recognized in the marketplace, you need to know these answers so you are able to continually grow your business. We hope this sparked some thought on how this represents your brand in the perception, performance and delivery for your brand to your end customer.

If you are not confident in the direction or have a good understanding of these areas, contact us to see how we can help improve your brand awareness within your industry.


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