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Writing for Him is proud to present the first three books in the “Let Your Light Shine” series. The Lightlilys represent us humans, while the King represents God. It is a beautiful allegory that takes place in the wonderful fantasy land of Lashook.


Calibris LessonNew Book – Callibri’s Lesson

It was just one little lie, but it soon turned into something larger. Calibri’s lie about a painting that doesn’t exist, slowly becomes bigger and bigger, until she can’t control it anymore. Soon, everyone is expecting her to paint this amazing masterpiece. A party is planned, a picture frame is carved, a new dress is sewn; all in honor of Calibri’s painting. Calibri feels terrible but she is afraid to tell everyone the truth. What will they think of her? What will they do?

The day the painting is suppose to be revealed arrives all too quickly. What will happen when the sheet is pulled back and the truth is revealed? Calibri is so ashamed and afraid to ask for forgiveness, that she runs away and ends up on Mount Trapped. There she meets some other Lightlilys that are also running away from what they have done. They tell Calibri of a terrible beast that lives on the mountain. Hard as they try, Calibri and the others can’t find their way off the mountain. Calibri feels there is no hope, until she finds out a secret about the beast.

Will Calibri realize that you don’t have to be afraid to ask for forgiveness?

Calibri’s Lesson is book number three in the Let Your Light Shine Series. It is a Christian fantasy allegory that tells of the ways lying hurts other people, ourselves, and Jesus Christ. Instead of coming clean about what she has done, Calibri keeps lying until it become too big for her to handle. When everyone finds out the truth, she runs away. Will she ever ask for forgiveness?


Completely SunkCompletely Sunk

How can a Lightlily that the King made with His own two hands dislike Him so much? To Sunk, the notorious bully and thief of Lashook, it seemed so easy. He hated the King with every fiber of his body.

Sunk leads the other Lightlilys into kicking the King out of their land – and therefore, out of their hearts. As the gates slam shut, all the King does is stare back at them sadly. He is so hurt and worried about what will happen to His people that He figures out a plan of escape. He reforms Himself as the Light and goes back to live among them. Sunk never thought that He would go so far as to die for them!

Can Sunk learn that hate isn’t the answer?

Completely Sunk is book number two in the Let Your Light Shine Series. It is a Christian fantasy allegory about the love that Jesus Christ has shown to us by giving up His life on the cross. It is a story about a boy Lightlily who is confused and hurt inside. His one joy in life is making life miserable for others. When the Light (Jesus) comes and starts helping people, Sunk can’t understand why. He starts asking questions and… read the book to find out!

This series has been written for children, specifically ages 6-13 years old, yet is enjoyed by people of all ages!


Meddia's Gift Book CoverMeddia’s Gift

Formed by the King of Lashook himself, the Lightlilys are winged beings who have Gifts (talents) just as we do. Each Gift is carefully picked out by the King. Then the King does something that Meddia doesn’t like. He decides to make a new Gift. Meddia can’t understand why the King decided to make her different. Why couldn’t she have been a painter or a baker? Those Gifts seemed wonderful.

Can Meddia trust that the King knows best?

Meddia’s Gift is the first in the new book series Let Your Light Shine. It is a Christian fantasy allegory demonstrating that the gifts we are given are given from God, and how He wants us to live our lives using those gifts to the fullest through honoring Him.

This series has been written for children, specifically ages 6-13 years old, yet is enjoyed by people of all ages!


About the Author:

Emily Serff, eldest of 7 children in a Christian homeschooling family in Colorado. She has been writing since she was ten years old and her dream of writing books with the gift God has given her has finally come to life. Emily just loves to write children’s books, fantasy and historical fiction. She prays God will use her writing to save and strengthen those who read it. God writes through Emily and a lot of the things God has taught her are entwined in her writing. Doing all things for His Glory!

She loves to dance, write, knit, read, crochet, enjoys hikes in the mountains with her family, studies her Bible during her free time, and is a devoted Christian.

If you would like more information on this book series, please contact Emily Serff directly by email.

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