The Value of Multichannel Marketing

Are you using Multichannel Marketing to get results for success?


Multichannel Marketing in a Nutshell

In the maze of marketing terms and channels, it is easy to get lost in the many possible options to appropriately and strategically market your brand. Yet actionable steps are necessary to effectively do so, and in this case, using the available multiple marketing channels. In this brief article, we’ll look at what multichannel marketing is, a good example… Read more »

Branding Goes Beyond Your Logo

What helps the general public identify the distinctive products or services of a company? A logo can help establish the initial impression of what catches a customer’s eyes. Yet, it’s not just a logo or about your company’s identity. Your brand must convey the true nature of who you are through many aspects of the company by your brand awareness. Branding is what people think of first that sticks in their mind, of what your… Read more »

How to Create Brand Consistency for Your Company

Effective branding of your company is holding true to the core values of what you are passionate about, the values you stand for, and what makes you unique from others in the marketplace. Showing this across all advertising platforms consistently will build your brand in a strong way.

Building Awareness

When people recognize your brand as yours. This does not necessarily mean they prefer your brand, attach a high value to it, or associate any… Read more »

10-Point Assessment for Building a Brand for Your Company

Time to Evaluate Your Business?

Where do you feel you stand in the marketplace as a viable brand with the services and products you offer? Do your customers understand and see value of working with your company? Your branding should reflect your vision and passion of your company. If your business is doing well, have you seen areas where you could improve your efforts in your brand awareness to attract more business? A periodic review… Read more »

What Makes You One-of-a-Kind?

“Personality begins where comparison ends” – Karl Lagerfeld

As a business, how many times have you looked at your competition and tried to set yourself apart? We do it all the time; we see an ad in a magazine, a commercial on TV and think “Oh, that’s good. We should do something like that.” The trouble is, we are constantly striving to be like the competition. If we take a step back, we… Read more »

Is your site ready to compete in the mobile market?

So, you have a great looking site and have worked hard to gain visibility on the web. You don’t live under a rock and have noticed that the world around you are all on their smartphones. How do we take advantage of the shifting market and what aspects are important to creating an engaging mobile site? The Impact of Bounce Rate Though you may have a stellar website, if it does not function well on… Read more »

Your Unforgettable Brand

You have developed a great brand and now you need to make it unforgettable. There are many low-cost marketing strategies that you can implement to help everyone recognize your brand. Plaster it all over – on social media, in marketing campaigns, on collateral, and even the shirt you wear.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to create a memorable impact.

Get out there! Find out where your audience is and get in front… Read more »