Creating the Right Trade Show Experience

When you think of trade shows you attended, which ones were the most valuable and why? It might be because you were drawn into the booth by the attractive design, signage leading you to the booth, and/or advance publicity. Part of that positive experience may include the personnel manning the booth who engaged you while you were there. You probably remember the booth because of the follow up after the show. On the other… Read more »

Generate More Leads by Promoting Your Trade Booth

“After a while, they all just blurred together.” These were the words I heard from a prospective client when I asked him what he thought of a recent trade show he attended. Hopefully, you won’t ever hear that from your client if you ask about your booth. How does your company not become a blur and just blend in with all the other booths? Part of this answer lies in the pre-show marketing.  

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How to Achieve Results with Landing Pages

For business success, we know that a website needs to be uniquely branded. We easily recognize brands and some of those elements. Not as well-known are two website elements; the difference between home pages and landing pages. What is the difference? And why is it important to have effective home and landing pages? Before we answer that question, let’s define what they are.

Home Page

A home page is what viewers see when they first… Read more »

Website Branding: First Impressions Count

In a business or personal setting, we all strive to make good first impressions. This is followed by lasting ones that we hope will develop into long-term business or personal relationships.A recent study indicated that it takes only one-tenth of a second to form first impressions about a person. Websites are perhaps judged even more quickly. To immediately catch the eyes of someone browsing your website, Serff Creative Group recommends the following:

Branding, Graphics… Read more »

Tradeshow Marketing and Branding

Stand out in the crowd before, during and after

  A routine business development effort is participation in tradeshows where many small businesses use this tactic to generate prospects. One positive side of the tradeshow equation is that it can be a terrific way to give your brand and business the exposure it needs. On the other side of the equation, tradeshows can be very expensive! With the understanding that you have… Read more »

The Value of Multichannel Marketing

Are you using Multichannel Marketing to get results for success?


Multichannel Marketing in a Nutshell

In the maze of marketing terms and channels, it is easy to get lost in the many possible options to appropriately and strategically market your brand. Yet actionable steps are necessary to effectively do so, and in this case, using the available multiple marketing channels. In this brief article, we’ll look at what multichannel marketing is, a good example… Read more »

Branding Goes Beyond Your Logo

What helps the general public identify the distinctive products or services of a company? A logo can help establish the initial impression of what catches a customer’s eyes. Yet, it’s not just a logo or about your company’s identity. Your brand must convey the true nature of who you are through many aspects of the company by your brand awareness. Branding is what people think of first that sticks in their mind, of what your… Read more »

How to Create Brand Consistency for Your Company

Effective branding of your company is holding true to the core values of what you are passionate about, the values you stand for, and what makes you unique from others in the marketplace. Showing this across all advertising platforms consistently will build your brand in a strong way.

Building Awareness

When people recognize your brand as yours. This does not necessarily mean they prefer your brand, attach a high value to it, or associate any… Read more »

10-Point Assessment for Building a Brand for Your Company

Time to Evaluate Your Business?

Where do you feel you stand in the marketplace as a viable brand with the services and products you offer? Do your customers understand and see value of working with your company? Your branding should reflect your vision and passion of your company. If your business is doing well, have you seen areas where you could improve your efforts in your brand awareness to attract more business? A periodic review… Read more »