What Makes You One-of-a-Kind?

“Personality begins where comparison ends” – Karl Lagerfeld

As a business, how many times have you looked at your competition and tried to set yourself apart? We do it all the time; we see an ad in a magazine, a commercial on TV and think “Oh, that’s good. We should do something like that.” The trouble is, we are constantly striving to be like the competition. If we take a step back, we… Read more »

Your Unforgettable Brand

You have developed a great brand and now you need to make it unforgettable. There are many low-cost marketing strategies that you can implement to help everyone recognize your brand. Plaster it all over – on social media, in marketing campaigns, on collateral, and even the shirt you wear.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to create a memorable impact.

Get out there! Find out where your audience is and get in front… Read more »

Your Brand in Today’s Marketplace

Are you staying ahead of your competition with a strong company brand?

Whether you are a new company, just getting established, or have been around for decades, you realize the market has changed in many aspects. You’ve created print collateral, developed email and direct-mail campaigns … and now established yourself in social media. Growing your brand is an ongoing process. But are your branding efforts effective? Are they helping your bottom line? Read more »